Welcome to "Ocean Cruising Project" S/Y Albatros from Denmark to Australia


We are a yachting family who in the spring of 2004 bought the sailboat Albatros with the goal to circumnavigate the globe. After an intensive renovation and equipping, Albatros departed Sønderborg, Denmark on August 21st same year.

The first destination was the Caribbean, and if all went well, we would continue on a 2-years circumnavigation. The Atlantic crossing went fine and we felt ready to enter the Pacific Ocean. When we arrived to Australia, the old engine was not working well any more. We bought a new engine but there were so many problems with the installation so the result was that we ended the voyage in Darwin and sold the boat. We sailed 19000 nm and got many fantastic experiences we will never forget.

On this homepage, you can follow the dream about cruising the oceans and visit exotic warm places



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