Flight Simulator      Boeing 737NG

CDU -  Bay                                                                      Last update: Mar. 2016                                      

Captains CDU (Mar. 2015)

FMC/CDU unit from Opencockpits. The M4x40mm screws and fasteners are not inclusive

To fit my CDU-bay I have modified the CDU. I removed the back plate (acrylic) and cut about 30mm of. The two alu. parts (1,5 mm) are new fittings for the back plate and the VGA connector.

Back plate turned 180 and fastened to the CDU again.

Right side view

Left side

Back of CDU. Access to connectors (VGA-12V power-USB) are now very easy. I don't use the TV out connector.

The bay with alu. rails for the CDU mounting


CDU operational with Prosim CDU.


First Officers CDU (dummy) (Jan. 2016)

I have used  a  CDU panel from Opencockpits for the dummy .
Frame for lower DU is self made of MDF and acryl. Frame and dummy CDU are both mounted  on a 3 mm plate of acryl.

 I have extended all functions bottoms with a piece of 3mm acryl

Bottoms are mounted with double adhesive tape


Lower DU (Mar. 2016)

14" LCD screen from my old defect notebook PC. Now again alive with a LCD Controller Board Kit from AliExpress (US $ 28 incl. shipping)
The LCD is mounted on the top of a 3 mm acrylic plate with  pieces of double adhesive tape. On the back the Controller Borad Kit is fastened by M3 screws and distance bushes.

Unfortunately my old LCD is 4:3 format so it can not cover the hole dummy CDU display too.
I think a 15" LCD 16:9 format will do the job.

Power connector and board with VGA connections are mounted on a self made piece of 1,5 mm alu. plate


Buttons for power on/off and screen configuration

To give enough space for the LCD screen  it was necessary to cut out in the profile in bottom of the MIP 

Now the LCD just fit the bay

Lower DU with ENG info

Lower DU with SYS info