Flight Simulator      Boeing 737NG

Flight Controls                                  Last update: June 2013                                     

Rebuild unit ready for installation in simulator.
Potentiometers directly on controls replace my old "Joystick by Cable" solution

RC-links transfer Rudder Pedal movement to a  slide potentiometer (10 K Ohm/ 100mm)

Right Toe Brake potentiometer (10K Ohm/60mm)

Rudder movements are enclosed by heavy adjustable stops

Heavy springs centre the stick (elevator) and perform feed back called "feel".
In the real plane elevator feel is hydraulic computer operated.

Control Wheel. Two springs perform feel and centre the Wheel


 Slide potentiometer for Ailerons (10K Ohm/60mm)

Nose wheel steering tiller

Nose wheel steering potentiometer. (10K Ohm/ 60 mm)