Flight Simulator      Boeing 737NG

Gear Handle                                                      Last update: Apr. 2015                                      

Gear handle before assembly.
Materials: 16/14mm alu. tube, 25/22 tube with nylon bearings, 5 and 6 brass  bar, 1,5 and 2 mm alu. plate, 1mm brass plate and acrylic for the wheel

The trigger limit the normal pull distance to about 8 mm. If the trigger is pulled you get additional 7 mm and the lock pawl can be override. (if solenoid fail)
Later I have change the construction (see last picture on the page).


Handle and lock mechanism.
When the plane is in the air the solenoid is powered and the lock pawl will release.

The solenoid is a 12V 1A with return spring. Part name F0837L-12V from  www.transmotec.com
You can buy solenoids  much cheaper at eBay but I have read about overheating problems with discount solenoids under continued power conditions.

Unit ready for wireing.

My new unit has 3 micro switches in fact ProSim also support gear OFF position.
Notice the lock pawl which secure the handle not can be moved when the aircraft  is on ground.

From underside. Solenoid  connected to the lock pawl.

Gear handle unit on its place in the simulator. Most of the wires are for the gear light indicators.

And finally the handle seen from the MIP front.

New parts for my Landing Gear Handle ver.3.
Short time after my new landing gear handle (ver.2) was finished I saw a website  www.B747-400.net with many pictures of a dismounted real Boeing gear handle. I could see the lock override construction is a more simple and robust construction than mine so I have made some new parts.