Weekend Trip to Qatar

The project director, who is from the COWI Qatar office, invited us over for a weekend trip in the desert. We were 15 people in 4 SUV trucks fully loaded with camping equipment, food and plenty of beverages.

The end of the paved road less than and hour drive from the capital Doha.


The tires were deflated to only half pressure in order to be able to drive in the loose sand.


A landrover in the proper surroundings.


We got stuck several times, but fortunately it was easy to push the vehicles back on track.


Inspecting the dune before going down.


Surprisingly you didn't have to hit the brake, actually a bit of gas was necessary to get down on the very soft sand.


I was behind the wheel in the white Dodge a little later.


Most of the COWI team.


Almost at the campsite.


Starting up the campfire. We had a nice barbeque for dinner and plenty of beers and red wine.


Sunrise over the camp at 5:30, a bit early to get up considering it got late last night.


Staying in the shade.


Floating in the very salty sea, the water was incredibly clear and the current strong.


We drove around in the dunes all morning just for fun. I thought this road going up on the left side looked fine, however...


... almost at the top we got stuck pretty bad. It took a bit of digging until we could back down.


Finally I saw a camel, he just showed up in the middle of nowhere.




Back in Doha we spend a couple of hours in Hotel Marriott's spa relaxing and getting the sand washed off our sweaty bodies before we flew back to Bahrain. It was a great weekend.