09.03 SK View Apartments

12.03 Nampo-dong, "Downtown"

19.03 Hadan Hike

20.03 Seomyeon, "Commercial Downtown"

22.03 Korean Dinner

02.04 Weekend in Seoul, Saturday

03.04 Weekend in Seoul, Sunday

10.04 Nampo-dong on a Rainy Day

11.04 Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival

16.04 Cherry Blossom Trees at SK View

17.04 Haeundae & Gwangalli Beaches

22.04 The Office

23.04 Democracy / Daecheong Park

01.05 Beomeo Temple and Geumjeong Mt.

07.05 Gyeongju, The Old Capital of Korea

08.05 Hadan Hike in Spring

15.05 UN Cemetery

20.05 Sunset over Nakdong River

13.08 Songjeong Beach

21.08 Haeundae, Boat Tour & Aquarium

27.08 By Train to Seoul & Namsan Park

28.08 Seoul, DMZ and War Memorial

03.09 Busan-Geoje Fixed Link

03.09 Dadaepo Beach

04.09 Nampo-dong Market

07.09 Flight Home in the Wake of Nabi


Busan is located on the southeastern tip of the Korean peninsular and is a large port city with approximately 4 million people.

I was in Busan to work on the Busan-Geoje Fixed Link, a major bridge and tunnel project with a total length of 8 km. I was involved in the design of the "3 pylon" cable-stayed bridge.

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