Weekend in Seoul, Sunday

I took the subway up to the Gyeongbokgung palace and from there walked around town until I ended up at Seoul Tower. From here, I went to Gimpo airport as it was too late for taking in the views and it also had become quite hazy. It ended up being a long walk with many interesting stops.

Gyeongbokgung palace, the grandest in Seoul.


The palace is well guarded.


Typical roof paintings.




Reconstruction of royal living room.




Gyeonghoeru pavilion.


Korean girls posing in traditional Korean dresses rented here.


I was interviewed by these girls, as part of their english homework. As a foreigner it's difficult to walk around Seouls tourist attractions without being asked for interviews many times.


Seoul's most outstanding building.


The top floor is a restaurant. I only went up here to have a look.


City Hall.


There was a photo exhibition on city square with very gruesome pictures from the Tsumani disaster.


Royal Guard changing ceremony at Daehanmun, Deoksugung's impressive entrance gate.






Namdaemun, Great South Gate.


Namdaemun Market.


The brown "treats" are silk worms, a delicacy according to Koreans. I have never tried them.


Ginseng in different forms.


Gimpo Airport, the domestic airport in Seoul after opening of Incheon International airport.