Haeundae & Gwangalli Beaches

Haeundae is the third city centre and home to the most popular beach and the international hotels. It's almost an hour ride on the bus or subway from where I live.

Haeundae beach, before the start of the swimming season.


Beach front sculpture.


The small Mipo port east of the beach.


Sea weed drying in the sun before ready for eating.


It's not only Denmark that has a Mermaid.


Sliced Raw Fish restaurant are found many places in Busan.


Busan Yachting Center.


The sailing competitions of the 1988 Olympic Games were held here.


Approach bridges for the Gwangang Grand Bridge.


Millak Waterfront Park and Koreans eating seafood and drinking soju.


The fishing port at Millak Park and the huge Sliced Raw Fish Center.


Typical fishing boats.


The Gwangan Grand Bridge, an impressive bridge considering it's "just" a freeway parallel to the coast without any navigational channel. But it has become a Busan landmark.


Probably some of the "larger" boats that will go under the Grand Bridge...


Gwangalli beach, the other big city beach.