Beomeo Temple and Geumjeong Mt.

Beomeo is one of Korea's top 5 temples beautifully located in the Geumjeong mountains north of Busan, at the end of the subway line almost an hour by train.

The entrance lined with lanterns to celebrate Buddha's Birthday.


At the entrance to a temple, you always see 4 men, this one being one of them.


The Korean drum.


Old stone lantern.


Old stone pagoda.


The temple is located in the lush mountains.


Some of the temples were used by Buddhists.


Buddhist garden.


Start of the popular hike to Mt. Geumjeong.


Another temple a short walk up the trail.


Don't worry, this temple has nothing to do with Nazism, the sign is mirrored.


North Gate of the Mt. Geumjeong Fortress.


Almost at the top.


Me at the top of Mt. Geumjeong....


... together with a lot of fashionable Korean hikers.


You rarely see a Korean without a mobile phone.