Gyeongju, The Old Capital of Korea

Gyeongju was the capital of first the Silla dynasty from 57 BC and later the entire Korean peninsular. In 927, the dynasty fell apart and the capital moved north. Today, Gyeongju is one of Korea's most popular tourist destinations. It's a 2 hours drive north of Busan, along the east coast.

Entrance to Bulguksa temple, originally built in 528.


The temple is on the Unesco World Cultural Heritage List and is home to several national treasures.


School classes on tour.




Two stone pagodas, both national treasures.




Garden of "wishing stones" placed by visitors.




Lanterns at the Seokguram Grotto in the mountains above Bulguksa. The Grotto has a big Buddha that is considered a masterpiece and hence photography is not allowed.


Tourist destinations often come with lots of souvenir.


Gyeongju valley.


Buddha figures in the Namsan mountains where we went for a hike. The mountains are full of temple sites, pagodas and Buddha's, more than 200 are found so far.