Haeundae, Boat Tour & Aquarium

The Sunday day tip went to Haeundae this week. It was not really a day for laying on the beach, so instead I went for a boat tour to the Gwangang Grand Bridge and a visit to Busan Aquarium, both the largest in Korea.

The Oryuk Islets seen in the distance. It was too windy to sail out there.


Seagulls off Haeundae Beach on a breezy day.


The 900 m long suspension bridge is the longest in Korea.






Busan Aquarium is located on Haeundae beach, or rather below as the entire aquarium is underground.


Piranha fish.


The largest shark in the aquarium, I think it's a Lemon shark similar to the ones I saw in Bora Bora.


Sea Turtle swimming above me when I walked through the underwater tunnel. It was in the same tank as the sharks.


Mermaid show accompanied by music. She was a pretty good "free diver" with fins under the costume.


A sample of the plexiglas used in the largest tanks. The thickness is 23 cm.


Some kind of star fish in the touch pool.


Beautiful sea anemone.