By Train to Seoul & Namsan Park

This was my second weekend sightseeing trip to Seoul. I took the train one way to see how Korea looks like outside the big cities.

Departure from Busan Station at 9:15 with the KTX express train to Seoul. Fare 45000 Won one way.


Planning the weekends sightseeing on the scenic ride through mountainous Korea with a very green landscape of rice fields and mountains. The maximum speed was around 300 km/t and you could hardly see the coffee shaking.


Crossing the Hangang River in Seoul. There is at least 20 bridges over the river, here 5 in one picture.


Arrived to Seoul Station after 2:40 hours with only 2 stops.


The train system is very efficient with many departures. In peak hours there is a train every 30 minutes from Busan.


When you exit Seoul Station, you are in the centre of downtown.


Brave cyclists at the Great South Gate.


Guards on duty when it's not raining and the temperature is below 35, as the sign said.


Yongsan Electronics Market, the largest in Asia with thousands of small shops spread around a dozen buildings. I only went into one building and bought a 1 GB memory bird.


Namsan Park with Seoul Tower.


Old smoke signal station at the top of the mountain.


Downtown Seoul.


Seoul is a huge city with 10 million people.


There was a traditional Korean performance.


The kids looked quite funny with their head spinning to keep the white band in the air.