Flight Home in the Wake of Typhoon Nabi

I came to Busan the first time in March, the day after a  the worst snow storm in decades, to a white landscape and 35 cm of snow. Now, I left the day after typhoon Nabi passed by over Japan.

During the weekend it looked like typhoon Nabi would make landfall in Busan, however it turned NE as seen on this track from the night before I left Busan.


We only had about 15 m/s wind and rain all day, however all flights were cancelled Tuesday.


Wednesday morning I woke up to this beautiful weather, Nabi had passed and not problems with getting home.


Goodbye SK View - Apartment 1803.


View from Asiana flight OZ8806 to Seoul.




Approaching Seoul.


Gimpo Airport in Seoul, now mostly serving as domestic airport.


Mud flats on the way out to Incheon Airport.


The shuttle bus between the two airports takes less than 30 minutes.


The landmark for the new Incheon International Airport.