Road Trip I - British Columbia, Yukon and Alaska - Summer 2001

In the early summer 2001 I had lived in Vancouver for one year and I thought it was time to experience the Canadian wilderness and wildlife. My two "ranger" brothers Henrik and Jakob were also up for a camping holiday so when they came to visit me, we packed the Jeep and started out on a road trip to Alaska. Jakobs girlfriend Camilla also joined us.



Vancouver - Dawson City


Yukon and Alaska


Haines Junction - Vancouver


The route was not planned in detail, except for taking the Alaska Highway north and returning along the smaller Cassiar Highway closer to the coast. We drove 8300 km during 3 weeks but it didn't felt like that much. [Route >>]

We both saw a lot of beautiful scenery and awesome wilderness and a lot of wildlife. The record after 3 weeks included: 29 black bears, 3 grizzly bears, 10 moose's, 2 porcupines, 5 mule deer's, >50 dale sheep's, 2 wood chunks, 1 beaver, 2 otters, 3 coyotes, 1 fox and 3 bighorn sheep's. The bears require you to take several precautions and undoubtedly made the camping and hiking very exciting. [Bears >>]