Day trip to Macau

The TurboJet Jetfoils to Macau. The 65 km takes little less than an hour. The boats are made by Boing.


The A-Ma Temple.


A small Buddha.








Macau Tower at almost 339 m.


Largo do Senado - "Senate Square", the heart and soul of Macau. Macau was portuguese for 500 years until the hand over to China in 1999.


Baroque Church of St Dominic.




The top tourist attraction, the Ruins of the Church of St Paul. The facade is all that remains.




Macau city seen through one of the openings in the facade.


Guia Fort atop Guia Hill, the highest point in Macau.


The Guia chapel and lighthouse.


China is barely seen in the back.


Gambling is not allowed in Hong Kong, except at horce racing, so a lot of people come here to play in the casinos.