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I have created this home page to share travel experiences from working abroad and from my four years in Vancouver with family members and friends.

These pages are in English only to ensure that my non Danish speaking friends are not left out; and because it's simply too much work to maintain all the pages in two languages.


15 Feb 2009: Photos from skiing holiday in Avoriaz.  [More >>]




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Vancouver 2007

I was back in Vancouver to work with Buckland & Taylor Ltd. over the winter and ski/snowboard. I worked mostly on the Golden Ears Bridge, a new crossing over the Fraser River in Vancouver.


Busan, South Korea 2005

I was stationed in Busan from March to September, interrupted by a long summer holiday onboard Albatros. I worked on the Busan-Geoje Fixed Link, a bridge and tunnel project with COWI as designers.


Bahrain 2004

I was stationed in Bahrain from end of August to mid November 2004. I worked on the Sitra Causeway Project, a road and bridge project in the capital Manama.


Hong Kong 2002-03

I stayed in Hong Kong for 4 months in the fall/winter where I worked on the Shenzhen Western Corridor, a bridge across Deep Bay from the New Territories to Shenzhen in mainland China. I was involved in design of the cable-stayed bridge.


Vancouver, Canada 2000-2004

Photos from my 4 years in Vancouver where I worked with Buckland & Taylor Ltd., a subsidiary to COWI. Vancouver has several times been elected as one of the most attractive places in the world to live, and I can only agree.


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